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Here Be Dragons

Here Be Dragons is the magazine of the Global and Language Studies discipline area at RMIT. It features contributions by students, alumni and staff of our associated degrees in International Studies, International Development, Language Studies and Translating & Interpreting, as well as our PhD program.

To access the PDFs of Here Be Dragons, please click link for the relevant volume below. 

The reason behind magazine's title is addressed on page 34 of Volume 1. 

Vol 1 (2016) - <LINK> [file size: 17MB]

Vol 2 (2016) - <LINK>  [file size: 19MB]

Vol 3 (2017) - <LINK> [file size: 9MB]

Vol 4 (2017) - <LINK> [file size: 9MB]

Vol 5 (2018) - <LINK> [file size: 2MB]

Vol 6 (2019) - <LINK> [file size: 6.7MB]