BA(IS) Alumni Megan and Gab interviewed on ABC Radio about Ethical Fashion

RMIT BA(IS) alumni Megan O'Malley and Gab Murphy were interviewed this week on ABC Radio about their Walk Sew Good project! Congratulations Megan and Gab on your wonderful work in bringing stories behind ethical fashion to us... (We're so proud of you both!)

And you can see their live presentation at the Melbourne Museum on 21 June 2018. More info here:

Museum _ Walk Sew Good.jpg 

Megan works a loom.

Megan works a loom.

New book on Women's Activism in Malaysia, by Dr Julian CH Lee

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Drawing on over a decade of first-hand experience as an academic-activist and on interviews with women in Malaysia’s women’s rights movement, Women's Activism in Malaysia: Voices and Insights, examines how, despite the considerable array of challenges to women's participation in the public and political spheres, the women's movement is especially vibrant in Malaysia. Presenting insights from feminist activists in Malaysia, the book explores the Women’s Candidacy Initiative’s efforts to promote independent women in Parliament; the work of women’s coalition the Joint Action Group for Gender Equality; how activists understand and experience the concept of feminism; and finally the place of men in feminism.

“Speaking as a male feminist anthropologist, Lee emphasises how the pursuit of women’s emancipation is intricately interwoven with the wider struggle against social oppression.” (Helen Ting, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia)

Dr Aiden Warren heads to US on Fulbright Scholarship

Global Studies Senior Lecturer Aiden Warren has won a prestigious Fulbright scholarship to examine what the United States' major investment in a modernised nuclear arsenal means for efforts to stop the spread of the deadly weapons across the globe.

Warren hopes that his research will develop pathways for keeping disarmament momentum ‘alive’ under conditions of weakening US disarmament leadership, and an increasingly challenging international environment.

For the full story, click here <LINK>

Dr Aiden Warren will work with the Arms Control Association.

Dr Aiden Warren will work with the Arms Control Association.

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Professor Siracusa interviewed by the ABC about the Hawaii missile false alarm

Yesterday, our Professor Joseph Siracusa was interviewed about his reflections growing up in Cold War America and on the recent false alarm issued in Hawaii about an incoming missile. 

See his interview here:


New book by Val Colic-Peisker

Congratulations to Associate Professor Val Colic-Peisker on her new book, The Age of Post-Rationality.

This book, co-authored with Adrian Flitney,  'challenges the hegemonic view that economic calculation represents the ultimate rationality. The West legitimises its global dominance by the claim to be a rational, democratic, science-based and progressive civilisation. Yet, over the past decades, the dogma of economic rationality has become an ideological black hole whose gravitational pull allows no public debate or policy to escape. Political leaders of all creeds are held in its orbit and public language is saturated by it. This dogma has pervaded all spheres of life, ushering the age of post-rationality, especially in English speaking countries. The authors discuss several aspects of post-rational global capitalism still dominated by the Anglosphere: hyper-competition, hyper-consumption, inequality, volatile global financial markets, environmental degradation and the unforeseen effects of the internet-mediated communication revolution. The book concludes by discussing some utopian and dystopian future scenarios and asking whether the West can transcend its crisis of rationality.' 

See the publisher's website for more details.

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Formal Graduation Event at Docklands Stadium - More Congratulations!

On 14 December, the formal ceremony for conferring degrees took place at Docklands Stadium in Melbourne. It was amazing and moving. The entertainment would rival a music festival, with the national anthem and the after party entertainment being provided by Jessica Mauboy – among many other things, Australia’s representative at Eurovision.

However, the real stars were, of course, our graduates. Below are some pictures from both the parade in the morning along Swanston St, and of the event at the stadium. Graduates with pink trimming are from the BA (International Studies) whereas those with yellow are from the Master of International Development.

(If you are a graduate who I took a photo or selfie with and you would like a copy of that picture, please email me (Julian), as I only now have your probably-now-too-old student email address).

Congratulations once again!

Congratulations to the BA(IS) graduates of 2017!

On 12 December, we celebrated the graduation of many of our fabulous BA (International Studies) students (well, now former students). The occasion was incredibly heartwarming and a lovely prelude to the formal graduation event that followed the next day at the Docklands Stadium (see the adjacent blogpost for that). 

On this occasion, we also handed out several awards to students who managed great achievements and who gave outstanding service to the community around the BA (IS) degree. Those receiving awards this year are: 


For service through the International Studies Association

Sarah Pisarski

Eiza Marot

Gilda Good

Hannah Crabb

Annabel Turnbull

For service across every edition of our in-house magazine Here Be Dragons and acting as editors of the most recent edition

Natasha Karner

Emma Hutchinson


Emma Hutchinson

Natasha Karner


Maxwell Davie


Maxwell Davie

Natassia Bell


Tom Nairn Award

Ella Spence-King

Outstanding Thesis Award

Alice Bell

Isabella Fernandez


Below are a few photos from the event. On the one hand I (Julian) apologise for not getting good and typical photos of people receiving awards (and a couple were too blurry - so sorry!), however, on the other hand, I think the those photos reflect the happiness and camaraderie in the room, and the warmth of the occasion. (Click each photo to see a larger version of it. It might look pixelly at first, but it clears up after a few moments). 

Here Be Dragons editors meet University Leaders

Yesterday, three of the current editors of the Global Studies magazine Here Be Dragons met with two senior leaders in RMIT University, Pro Vice-Chancellor Paul Gough, and Deputy Vice-Chancellor Education Belinda Tynan.

Emma Hutchinson, Natasha Karner and Natassia Bell represented the larger team of editors from the Bachelor of Arts (International Studies), the BA (IS) (Honours), and Master of International Development degrees, to hand over copies of the first three volumes of the magazine, and to discuss the origins, modus operandi, and future of the magazine.

Natasha (pictured to Belinda's right) remarked that "Both Belinda and Paul were really nice and very interested in the inspiration behind the magazine. It was great to sit down and talk about how Here Be Dragons has become a creative outlet for students, and our hopes that it will keep our BAIS alumni connected into the future."

Natassia (pictured to Paul Gough's left) said that "It was an honour to meet these senior individuals and have them recognise our efforts in Here Be Dragons, as well as to take the time to ask us about our goals and aspirations beyond graduation. It really shows the great community that we have here at RMIT."

Whilst speaking to Paul, Emma (pictured to Belinda's left) noted that her experiences with being involved in the magazine have already been useful because "I have been able to provide evidence of experience using certain skills during job and internship interviews. By referring to my work in Here Be Dragons, I can point to something concrete that demonstrates not only my writing and editing skills, but also my ability to work within a team and also lead a team."

Here Be Dragons is available for download here.

Tommaso Durante awarded the 2017 Erasmus Mundus Global Studies scholarship by Leipzig university


Dr Tommaso Durante, member of the Centre for Global Research and lecturer in Global Studies at the RMIT University was awarded the prestigious "Erasmus Mundus - Global Studies” (EMGS) scholarship by the Universität Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany. 

In November and December 2017 Tommaso will teach a series of lectures under the umbrella title “How do we research globalization? A discourse on the method” within the International research-based Master Programme in Global Studies at the Global and European Studies Institute (GESI), Faculty of Science and Philosophy of Universität Leipzig.

Notable scholars and teachers at Universität Leipzig include, Angela Merkel, Friedrich Nietzsche, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.


Global Studies at RMIT has two new books launched by Senator Penny Wong

Two new books treating Humanitarian Intervention and International Development were launched on 25 July by Senator Penny Wong. Those were

Rethinking Humanitarian Intervention in the 21st Century, edited by Aiden Warren and Damian Grenfell (both of RMIT University)


International Development: A Global Perspective on Theory and Practice, edited by Paul Battersby (RMIT Global Studies) and Ravi Roy (University Southern Utah)

<Click on the image below to scroll to the next photograph>

These books contain insightful chapters authored by experts from around the world, including many of those located in Global Studies at RMIT.

Officiating the evening was Dr Vandra Harris, while Professor Andrew MacIntyre introduced Senator Penny Wong who declared the books launched. Editors Dr Aiden Warren and Associate Professor Paul Battersby introduced their respective volumes to a full hall of colleagues and students.

BAIS Alumni Jessica Heron goes to Hong Kong to Present Social Enterprise project

Jessica Heron

Jessica Heron

In 2015 Jessica Heron was involved in a social enterprise design project as part of International Professional Practice, taught by Dr Elizabeth Kath. Co-designer Michael Marinelli submitted their design to a summit happening in Hong Kong this month, and it was selected. Jessica will be attending the summit - without Michael sadly, who will be busy working in Spain - to discuss 'The Urban Refuge'. 

See also:

New film collaboration involving Julian CH Lee

A new short documentary, Caring at a Distance: Three Families Staying Connected Across Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia, has just been published and made publicly available. This film is collaboration between Julian CH Lee and the Indonesian film-makers Dennis Hasangapon and Mahatma Putra of Anatman Pictures.  

Caring at a Distance examines how three families have responded to being dispersed across different countries as a result of diverse processes of globalization, and the ways in which they maintain their family bonds. The 22 minute film is viewable here:

Article by BA(IS) Hons Alumni Alek Hillas and Dr Aiden Warren on Robots in War

BA(IS) (Honours) alumni Alek Hillas and Global Studies senior lecturer Aiden Warren have just had a co-authored article published through the Yale Journal of International Affairs. The article addresses a number key issues relating to increasing presence of robotics and artificial intelligence in the field of war. 

Here Be Dragons Vol.3 arrives!

Volume 3 of the Global Studies magazine Here Be Dragons has just been published. This volume was edited by BA (International Studies) students Eiza Marot, Fletcher Adam and Alyssa Goodman, with contributions by students in the BA (IS), BA (IS) (Honours), Master of International Development and Global Studies PhD supervisees. The online version of Here Be Dragons is available here:

New book: International Development: A Global Perspective on Theory and Practice

Congratulations to Paul Battersby and Ravi Roy on their new volume International Development: A Global Perspective on Theory and Practice, published this year by SAGE.

The volume includes chapters by many current and former Global Studies@RMIT academics and alumni, including: Vandra Harris, Desmond Cahill, Jose Roberto Guevara, Damian Grenfell, Supriya Singh, Elizabeth Kath, Jonathan Makuwira, Julian CH Lee, Kent Goldsworthy, Cirila Limpangog, Gregoire Nimbtik, Rebekah Farrell, and Lesley Pruitt.

For more on this wonderful new book, visit the publisher's website: