BA(IS) Alumni Megan and Gab interviewed on ABC Radio about Ethical Fashion

RMIT BA(IS) alumni Megan O'Malley and Gab Murphy were interviewed this week on ABC Radio about their Walk Sew Good project! Congratulations Megan and Gab on your wonderful work in bringing stories behind ethical fashion to us... (We're so proud of you both!)

And you can see their live presentation at the Melbourne Museum on 21 June 2018. More info here:

Museum _ Walk Sew Good.jpg 

Megan works a loom.

Megan works a loom.

Here Be Dragons Vol.3 arrives!

Volume 3 of the Global Studies magazine Here Be Dragons has just been published. This volume was edited by BA (International Studies) students Eiza Marot, Fletcher Adam and Alyssa Goodman, with contributions by students in the BA (IS), BA (IS) (Honours), Master of International Development and Global Studies PhD supervisees. The online version of Here Be Dragons is available here:

New book: International Development: A Global Perspective on Theory and Practice

Congratulations to Paul Battersby and Ravi Roy on their new volume International Development: A Global Perspective on Theory and Practice, published this year by SAGE.

The volume includes chapters by many current and former Global Studies@RMIT academics and alumni, including: Vandra Harris, Desmond Cahill, Jose Roberto Guevara, Damian Grenfell, Supriya Singh, Elizabeth Kath, Jonathan Makuwira, Julian CH Lee, Kent Goldsworthy, Cirila Limpangog, Gregoire Nimbtik, Rebekah Farrell, and Lesley Pruitt.

For more on this wonderful new book, visit the publisher's website: