Greta Bartels wins RMIT Global Voices Scholarship to attend World Health Forum in Geneva.

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Congratulations to Greta Bartels of the BA (International Studies) who was the only candidate to receive an RMIT Global Voices Scholarship, and so will be one of four recipients of support from Global Voices Australia-wide to attend the World Health Assembly in Geneva this May.


Greta joins a list of BA (International Studies) students who have also been supported by Global Voices, including Laura McCormack and Jemma Swan.


To find out more about RMIT’s Global Voices Scholarship Program, visit:

RMIT Hosts Conference of the Australian Association for Professional and Applied Ethics.

In September, the School of Global, Urban and Social Studies hosted the conference of the Australian Association for Professional and Applied Ethics. The conference was convened by Dr Vandra Harris, and was co-sponsored by RedR, with which Global Studies at RMIT works closely. There were three days of wonderful panels and speakers, and it was fantastic to see current students in the Master of International Development present and presenting, and a few alumni from the BA (International Studies), including Laura McCormark who now works for RedR (pictured here with Julian Lee, who also participated).


The conference theme was ‘Ethics in a Crowded World’, and the first day’s focus was on the intersections of ethics and humanitarian practice.

Here Be Dragons Vol.3 arrives!

Volume 3 of the Global Studies magazine Here Be Dragons has just been published. This volume was edited by BA (International Studies) students Eiza Marot, Fletcher Adam and Alyssa Goodman, with contributions by students in the BA (IS), BA (IS) (Honours), Master of International Development and Global Studies PhD supervisees. The online version of Here Be Dragons is available here: