Tommaso Durante's new Website on Global Visual Imagery

Congratulations to Dr Tommaso Durante on the launch of his new website – Global Visual Politics. Dr Durante is a doctoral alumnus from the Global Studies discipline, where he also regularly teaches. He is also Instructor at the Centre for Global Politics of Freie Universität Berlin, Germany where he teaches Changing Global Landscapes: Globalization Challenges.

From Dr Durante about his new site:

"The GLOBAL VISUAL POLITICS  website is a digital media archive collecting visual images covering a broad range of political themes such as protest, peace, violence, religion and gender. [This] archive addresses visual images as a political theory—images always represent a defined, particular perspective. The “new” visual archive comes out of THE VISUAL ARCHIVE PROJECT OF THE GLOBAL IMAGINARY (2007-present) to celebrate more than a decade of image collection that has been used across the planet by universities and scholars of globalization. The new archive, a case study in itself, aims to understand how visual images displayed in their own right contribute to the emergence of a global visual culture and to the rise of global politics at local-global scale, under present conditions of globalization."

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