New book on Women's Activism in Malaysia, by Dr Julian CH Lee

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Drawing on over a decade of first-hand experience as an academic-activist and on interviews with women in Malaysia’s women’s rights movement, Women's Activism in Malaysia: Voices and Insights, examines how, despite the considerable array of challenges to women's participation in the public and political spheres, the women's movement is especially vibrant in Malaysia. Presenting insights from feminist activists in Malaysia, the book explores the Women’s Candidacy Initiative’s efforts to promote independent women in Parliament; the work of women’s coalition the Joint Action Group for Gender Equality; how activists understand and experience the concept of feminism; and finally the place of men in feminism.

“Speaking as a male feminist anthropologist, Lee emphasises how the pursuit of women’s emancipation is intricately interwoven with the wider struggle against social oppression.” (Helen Ting, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia)