Bachelor of International Studies

The strengths of RMIT’s Bachelor of International Studies, or BaIS, lie in its global orientation, professional focus, academic rigour, and the tight-knit and vibrant community the revolves around the degree.

Those who enrol in the BaIS seek to make a difference in the world – whether in the non-government, government, or corporate sectors – and do so knowing that an understanding of the globalised nature of the world is crucial.

The BaIS is therefore made up several courses of foundational knowledge in International Studies, four compulsory units of foreign language learning, several courses on professional practice, and a mandatory internship. These components impart key skills and competencies – from language skills to workplace experience – that we know are important in globally-engaged workplaces.

An outstanding feature of the degree is the sense of community amongst those involved in the BaIS. Revolving around the energetic work of the student-led International Studies Association, events occur frequently, including major functions, regular drinks, and occasional gatherings. Each year level has its own social networking space which provides platforms for mutual advice and organisation.

If you have an interest for international affairs and cultural diversity, this program will prepare you for a highly versatile and imaginative future.

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The student community in the BAIS is really very special. Certainly, there is no comparison between my time at RMIT and the other major Uni I previously attended. While I felt like just a number at the other uni, the BaIS, its nice size, social networking and social events, meant that I knew peoples’ names and faces just a couple of weeks into my first year, and thanks to those vibrant networks I will continue to know them well after the course wraps up. My year level’s social networking group meant that we could mine each other for advice; no question was too silly. I never felt isolated or over-run with work because there was a constant platform for debriefing and organising a drink once it was all done! Uni isn’t just about lectures and essays, it’s about building relationships with likeminded, bright, focused and supportive peers.
— Laura

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The Internship Component

The internship component of the BaIS enables students to acquire valuable workplace experience and to get a sense of whether the sector they envisioned themselves in is right for them. It also helps to foster important networking connections and has led to ongoing employment with the organisation. 

Here is a small array of the places where are graduates undertook their internships. 

The BAIS is taught in the heart of vibrant Melbourne. With classes taking place in buildings in close proximity to Melbourne Central Station, the State Library and bustling Lygon Street, the heartbeat of Melbourne, and the sounds of dinging trams and well-made coffee, are close at hand.